My architecture inspiration blog "Mohandes Memari"

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Architecture. Architecture for me has been the art of understanding the problem put forth and finding the best solution/ outcome,with design, that will benefit human kind with least damage to other lifeforms.

This blog will be dedicated to my architecture.A RANDOM ASSEMBLAGE of vast information about architecture, design work, etc. anything related to the subject I want to learn more about.

Mohandes Memari means Architect in Arabic (مهندس معماري) (Mo-han-des Me-mari), because of my Arabic culture I have decided to call my blog Architect in Arabic, the reason is because I live in a western society where Arabic culture is evident but not as much as the homeland, yet it is downgraded which is a pity. Recently I have started to loose touch with my own blood culture, in reaction to that i named my blog with an arabic name to reflect its importance to me.